Policy and Procedures Review

The development of security policies and regulations is becoming increasingly critical as organizations recognize the importance of information security. These business rules define procedures to be used within the organization to maintain its security posture and to prevent and respond to security incidents.Policies include mechanisms to promote proper computer and network use and data handling procedures for proprietary or sensitive data.

Your security policy is a representation of your organization’s strategy and commitment to protecting its information assets. Whether your goal is to update policies, develop a high-level security policy, or develop specific policy statements, ISGRM Group's process builds consensus for your policy with input from internal stakeholders.

The outcome is a durable and complete enterprise security framework that can satisfy audit findings, meet current and future regulatory mandates, and provide a roadmap for your security program.

ISGRM Group’s experienced policy writers will assess and compare your current policies against best practices within your industry. We also evaluate your policy requirements against standards for information security, applicable regulations, and their ability to meet your instiution’s internal security objectives. With that context, ISGRM Group provides recommendations and an actionable plan to develop policies, procedures, standards, or guidelines that are tailored to your institution’s structure, culture, and workforce.

We work with you to modify existing policy documents or to create new policies where they are needed. ISGRM Group understands that as your organization evolves, your security policies must evolve as well. We help you to develop security policies that can be adapted to future business or compliance requirements.

In addition, ISGRM Group can provide regularly scheduled reviews to help you ensure that your policies remain effective and up-to-date.

Specific Policies That Target Your Needs

Today’s enterprise requires many types of policies and procedures to meet specific needs. For example, an “Acceptable Use” policy will describe the appropriate use of information systems, the Internet, e-mail, and other business resources.

Security Incident Response plans and procedures detail specific steps and responsibilities for security events or breaches.

Data Classification policies specify how information will be categorized, retained, protected, and handled based on its sensitivity and value.

Our experts will evaluate your objectives and create policies that satisfy the unique requirements of your business.

Meet the Highest Standards

To be truly effective, security policies must be aligned with industry standards and the unique security requirements of your organization. ISGRM Group leverages the ISO 27002 standard as a primary security guideline, as well as other industry standards such as COBIT and NIST for additional considerations. By measuring policies against these broad and accepted best practices, we help you maintain compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, GLBA and PCI.

ISGRM Group draws on our unique industry experience and capabilities to help you secure information as it enters your organization, circulates, is stored, and is sent to your clients, partners, and employees. ISGRM Group’s comprehensive solutions, and our strong relationships with top-tier OEM partners help you balance information security, privacy, compliance and audit requirements with your need for information availability and access.

ISGRM Group also understands the impact on cost, staff, and equipment introduced by new regulations. ISGRM Group understands the difficulties associated with developing a security policy and particularly with implementing and operating under new business rules. Fortunately, ISGRM Groups security policy frameworks provide standard solutions to typical environments thereby lowering the cost and complexity of policy deployment and business operations.


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