Network Penetration Testing

The process of identifying vulnerabilities, evaluating the risk, remediation, and reporting is called vulnerability management. By running penetration tests, organizations are able to more efficiently find and fix security vulnerabilities within their network.

ISGRM Group's Penetration Testing service proactively attempts to validate the security posture of your IT infrastructure. Our process involves creating an in-depth profile of your organization from the perspective of its most likely threats while taking into consideration, your business processes, information flows and the technology that supports your operations. This allows us to determine the resilience of your environment to malicious attempts to penetrate your systems.

Our Penetration Testing service is a highly versatile service that utilizes in-house research and development coupled with out-of-box thinking to not only identify known flaws but also discover unknown flaws within your IT infrastructure.

  • Client Specific reports with clearly outlined responsibilities and detailed remediation steps including device specific commands/patches and source-code examples.
  • Detailed Recommendations focusing on mitigating immediate threats and suggesting best-practice recommendations to prevent future events.
  • In-depth Assessment of your organization's key operational infrastructure.
  • Informative Reports focused on helping you understand your information security posture, in-relation to industry benchmarks and expectations.

ISGRM Group's Penetration Testing Service leverages a hybrid approach to deliver a comprehensive and accurate solution that goes well beyond industry benchmarks. Through industry best-practices coupled with automated and manual testing we deliver results that help you head off on-coming threats against your system and application infrastructure.


For further information on our Network Penetration Testing service, please contact one of our Sales representatives by calling (954) 800-0397 or by completing our Online Inquiry Form.

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