Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery Planning is a holistic management process that identifies potential threats to an organization and the impact to business operations that the realization of those threats could bring.

A sound business continuity planning program is essential to protecting the well-being of your organization and you must have a plan in place prior to an incident if you hope to emerge successfully from a crisis. To create and continuously update a plan, you will need to use significant resources and qualified experts who have had real-world planning and business continuity management experience.


When it comes to business continuity management and disaster recovery planning, the time to develop a Business Continuity Program/Disaster Recovery (BCP/DR) strategy for your entire business is now. Your plan takes the form of a strategic and operational framework that will proactively improve your organization's resilience in the event of an adverse event. Our consultants guide you in developing a Business Continuity Program that addresses the key aspects of your business operations. We also guide you through the process of creating both a strategic and detailed planning framework to minimize the effects of a negative event and enable you to effectively and efficiently restore critical business and support functions following a disaster.


  • Provides rapid recovery from crises and incidents that disrupt your normal business and operational processes
  • Ensures disaster and crisis recovery preparedness
  • Identifies core business processes in order to prioritize recovery activities
  • Ensures appropriate business stakeholders support BCP/DR activities to facilitate success
  • Maintains reputation and revenue during a crisis situation
  • Meets regulatory and vertical-specific compliance requirements by implementing and managing a Business Continuity Management program

We provide comprehensive evaluation and report of the organization's Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery program, including:

  • Asset inventory
  • Documentation review
  • Internal interviews of personnel
  • Business, organization and departmental overviews
  • Business continuity management program gap assessment

Business-continuity-management program strategy development, which includes:

  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Crisis management
  • Business continuity
  • Emergency planning
  • Disaster recovery

Rapid-response contingency planning strategy, which includes:

  • Incident scope
  • Rapid response team notification
  • Operations continuity
  • Incident control/quarantine
  • Incident mitigation
  • Recovery
  • Test
  • Maintenance (review and audit)


For further information on our Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery service, please contact one of our Sales representatives by calling (954) 800-0397 or by completing our Online Inquiry Form.

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